Automate Personal License Activation in Unity CI

Following up the thread, My disappointing experience using Unity in a CI pipeline is also the biggest obstacle for me as well. Personal license (free version) of Unity will expire in a period of time depends on your region. The licensing system from Unity is partially contradict to the CI/CD concept since it will force the user to update their secret UNITY_LICENSE on their GitHub Actions. (Notice this does not apply to Plus/Pro users because they use a different licensing system!) 馃槚 ...

September 25, 2021 路 2 min 路 290 words 路 Jen-Chieh Shen

JCSUnity - Save System

This is a introduction of how JCSUnity does for the game data save/load system. There are main three ways that you could do saving and loading in Unity Engine with C#. JCS_BinGameData - In binary format JCS_XMLGameData - In XML format JCS_JSONGameData - In JSON format

July 3, 2018 路 1 min 路 46 words 路 Jen-Chieh Shen

JCSUnity Overview

JCSUnity Repo: Acknowledge I have developed this tool for 3 years. Starting from the third year of my college years. Compare to other framework I had developed, this tool have much more completeness. I have been using Unity Engine for 2 years while I decide to develop this framework. I have made cetain of games in this 2 years and I reckon I gained enough experiences to develop a framework for Unity Engine....

July 2, 2018 路 5 min 路 941 words 路 Jen-Chieh Shen