I have always been using AWS as my main web hosting choice. But I have come to the point that I reckon the price and services aren’t something that I need. Therefore, I have decided to switch to another web hosting company just for another taste.

The main reasons are listed below:

  1. AWS charges you money when you click on their services without notifying the user. I dislike how it functions.
  2. The price is too high, plus I don’t really need it
  3. UI is awful, and UX is bad
  4. Jargons aren’t transferable (I’m picky)

Now, let’s move into details.

📋 Transfer the domain name

The target domain I am transferring is jcs-profile.com . If we checked who.is; the registrar is amazon.com. I bought the domain name using AWS’s Route 53. But now, I would like to transfer it to Namecheap . This isn’t the cheapest choice, but I like their UI/UX. It’s simpler and looks much more organized compared to AWS’s UI.

I watched the below video when I was picking my new domain name registrar. I attempted to use Google Domains since it’s the best choice from the video, but it came out it doesn’t support my country/region, Taiwan (WIP). So I go for the second best choice, which is Namecheap. 😅

Craylor Made explains very well! Big thanks to him!

NOTE: It took them 5 days to complete transfer. So I’ll have to wait until the transfer is completed!

📂 Transfer data

Transfer data is easy, I use FileZilla (as always) to download all the files I need to move over to the new server. Unlike Node, PHP, or MySQL; there isn’t much environment I need to set up (except the Nginx) . We would just have to ensure don’t ever close the old server until we have moved everything to the new server!

Something I always want to try out is the Docker migration. It sounds like fun to me! But I guess I will have to wait until next time I get the opportunity.🙂

🩹 Restart our server

I have chosen DigitalOcean as my new web hosting company. Reasons are:

  1. cheaper (relative to aws)
  2. Easier to see what is charged and what not
  3. Excellent UI
  4. Documentation is great; the community seems to be friendly

The only defect is the server’s location, and there aren’t many locations to choose.

First thing first, after transferring all the data. We need to update the name servers so it can be redirected to the correct IP address.

The following video says it all. It’s amazing!

The old name servers from AWS,


The new name servers from DigitalOcean,


Then we need to modify the DNS Records from DigitalOcean’s website. We add @ and www points to our new server (IP).

A@IP address3600 (default)
AwwwIP address3600 (default)

Then we are done! Hurray!~ 🥳🎉🎊