This is a record, a message from me to one of my ex-firned.

The talked was, 2020-05-06

While you are in a dilemma, we humans are totally normal to be afraid of it. This may be a process; afraid makes us strong and a much more experienced people. Humans suppose to grow like that! So let it be! Once you are afraid of something, don’t give up on trying it; think about the issue, think as hard as you can, and try to resolve it! Even if we couldn’t resolve the issue, it doesn’t mean we are bad, or the issue can’t be resolved in the later future.

We are often weak while facing problems that are just too tough for us humans. We grow only when the dilemma is just right above us. We can’t simply level up by skipping it. Avoiding the issue/weaknesses doesn’t mean anything; I have been studying English for more than 20 years, but then I finally have the proof that I could get into a college ranked in the first fifteenth. I have realized that avoiding the dilemma doesn’t affect you from any aspect because I have come and eventually resolved it!

Everyone has the time that they got beaten up. All we need to do is stand up and move on to the next adventure. We all grow that way, so you are simply not alone. You are, I am, all of us are. No one is invincible until they notice this.