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Aug 23rd, 2023. I’ve created my first VSCode plugin – vscode-shader. My intention was simple: to create a language server’s client in VSCode for my shader-language-server that I created a couple of months ago. 🤔

🔰 Simple and good UX

First of all, it is very simple to develop a VSCode plugin. Especially developing a language server’s client for VSCode. There are many examples and good documentation on their site, making it very easy for developers. I am using uniteai and grammarly-language-server as the references.

📦 Publish to VSCode Marketplace

Publishing to VSCode is probably the most challenging step since you need to navigate to Azure DevOps, which seems utterly irrelevant to VSCode Marketplace! 🤔 Then get the Personal Access Token in order to publish your packages to the marketplace. It’s still straightforward but quite confusing on the Azure DevOps part.

Then you just need to npm install -g @vscode/vsce, vsce package and vsce publish. While publishing, you will be asked to enter your PAT!

You can see VSCode’s Publishing Extensions website for more information!

🎖️ Achievement