I’m not fond of talking about myself. Primarily I’m nobody, not phenomenal, and never been onto news or other media, not any of those. Is hard to think that who will spend their precious time reading this ‘About Me’ article. I would desire not to write a verbose introduction about myself. I’m currently 24; I wouldn’t say that I lived long, but long enough for me to review my past few years of living and consider what’s the future path I’m going to step in.

The story always starts sad; it was entirely a disaster in my early life. I’m very pessimistic, give up things quickly, and not knowing how to be persistent. Wonder where are the differences between success and failure. Maybe I do have gifts for doing things right, but not for long. When I grew up a little, I’m already at the bottom of the class. I usually couldn’t be proud of myself especially when you have brothers and sisters that they often did things better than you. Util to the day first year of middle school, my life of concepts has a drastic change; my grade stays at the average rate, but instead of focusing on grades, my parent chose to have me entered the athletic class in tennis rather than the regular class. I felt motivated about sports comparing to coursework. During spartan training from our coaches, plus my innate health doesn’t take any advantages to make me successful in tennis. I finally got my first specialty by been through all the rigorous training. Form this experience; I learned the importance of being persistent, sometime you couldn’t care for all the possibilities, and confidence.

Last year of the middle school years, I went back to the regular class. I decide to challenge something that I was always trying to avoid, studying. In the beginning, this wasn’t easy for me by doing something that isn’t that interesting. In a certain opportunity, I get to know some thoughts about life, which are “Life aren’t always happy.” and “In some aspect, no one like to study.”. I kept these thoughts in mind and started to do the hard work on studying. Surprisingly, my grades have some improvements. Although this could not be enough to be like the top 3 in our school, this makes me comprehend somethings that are way more important than the grade. “Exertion wouldn’t betray you.” and “Knowing the taste of success, would make you feel omnipotent.”

There are a lot of things that happened in high school. The truths are that not everything goes perfectly throughout my life. During my high school life is my first time getting bullied at school, not physically but metaphysically. I reckon because I was too proud and aggressive at that time and I argued all the subtleties and most of the time I was right. Consequent that being always right does not mean success in real life. I was in despair about the reality and learned some significant lessons, not arguing so much and be humble.

After the worst part of my life, I started to get in touch with people carefully. I attempted to learn how to talk to people and endeavored to be modest. I would like to search for my equanimity at any time and face things more mature.

My life wasn’t going smooth all the time; I underwent both pleasing and hurtful part of my life. I’m not like Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla that smart. I learned lessons from every failure, and knowing from failure to success. Most of the time paying hard works wouldn’t get what you want, but you could change your life only if you tried.